公司全称 盛谱企业管理咨询(上海)有限公司

公司规模 20人以下

所在行业 专业服务/咨询(财会/法律/人力资源等)

公司性质 外商独资

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"We are an Asia-focused management consultancy, with a commitment to providing excellence and practical solutions. We help our clients solve complicated business problems by distilling practical business insights and solutions, and then implementing them. This can apply to clients looking to invest into Asia, from Asia, or looking to grow or improve the performance of their existing activities.

Our team has assisted clients from around the world, be they leading multinational or smaller corporate clients, non-commercial organizations, or financial investors such as private equity or hedge funds.

Originally founded as a China-focused consultancy in 2005, we have grown to now cover the broader Asia region, while maintaining our recognized Greater China expertise.

We do not operate within service or sector silos. We believe strongly in the benefits of our cross-functional and cross-sector approach, allowing our team members to transfer synergies, relevant learnings and valuable best practice experience to our client’s assignments as a result.

For more company information, please visit: www.SandPconsulting.com."


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