公司全称 上海形格艺术设计有限公司

公司规模 20-99人

所在行业 家居/室内设计/装饰装潢

公司性质 民营

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Sig Design was founded in 2001,a company full of vitality and artistic feelings,focus on brand planning and spatial design. In the many past years,we provide brand consulting,planning,marketing,and other service experience with professional attitude.
Instead of the traditional and complicated corporation operation model,we see the world and believe in the power of design born from the heart. Everything for the designer's artistic attainments and the cultivation of professional and technical fields,To optimize the resonance of the brand understanding and interpretation. By shaping the brand value and influence,boost partners for business innovation, beings quality life to the target audience.


中国-上海市-上海市 静安区华山路620号四楼