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Lockin/GUCCU Overseas’Regional Manager/Coordinator








Location: China, US, UK, Europe, Australia and other related regions. We are looking for a passionate and entrepreneurial Overseas’ Regional Manager/Coordinator to join our Lockin/GUCCU team. In this role, you will be responsible for sourcing, evaluating, defining and negotiating overseas partnership opportunities, while managing and improving relationships with existing partners. In addition, you will play a key role in executing proposed partnerships with the primary objective of enhancing member growth and engagement; also, you will work closely across teams and functions to dive member experience and engagement. www.lockinchina.com is China's largest global career development platform for young professionals, dedicated to solve employment problems in China for overseas students, returnees and foreigners by providing them with assistance in career and life development in China. As of early 2018, Lockin China has more than 40,000 registered companies, providing more than 200,000 job opportunities. In the past three years, Lockin have successfully helped over 1,000,000 global young talents from close to 1300 Universities to start their career in China job market. The Global University China Career Union (GUCCU), is the very first non-profitable union founded by global leading Universities and Chinese leading recruitment platform – Lockin China. We are dedicated to uniting the career center of global universities and thousands of Chinese employers to provide career help to Chinese over- seas students as well as other international students and alumni who are willing to seek opportunities in China. 1. Proactively recruit new partner university and industry partners in defined region/area so as to promote Lockin/GUCCU as a platform for the collective exchange and resource sharing; 2. Strategically establish strong and effective networks across the regional Lockin/GUCCU‘s partner Universities and externally (With key State government, business and community leaders) to support the strategic initiatives of Lockin China Portfolio; 3. Support Lockin/GUCCU’s University partners on Lockin/GUCCU’s domestic and overseas events by facilitating communication and media channels, support to reach out to student community in the region, sourcing venue. etc.; 4. Develop an effective communication channel between Lockin/GUCCU management committee and University Partners so as to advocate efficient feedback collection and lead continues improve of Lockin/GUCCU member services as well as university participation; 5. Support the organization of Lockin/GUCCU Annual General Management Committee meeting by providing business arises, issues to be discussed and agenda items; proactively act as a bridge between overseas universities members in the region and Lockin/GUCCU; 6. Recruit and Manage Lockin/GUCCU Regional Directorate align with the needs of Lockin/GUCCU Global Business Development Frame; 7. Establish the Admin Procedure required for Lockin/GUCCU Regional Operation; 8. Works closely with Regional Government so as to feed Lockin/GUCCU information on regional government policy of Higher Education, international Education, industry Engagement and Government initiatives; 9. Identify potential Lockin/GUCCU partners in the regional to be partnered for sponsorship and fundraising; 10. Provide executive advisory support to team leader on regional affairs that requires attention.


Basic Skills: 1. Native English 2. Good presentation skill 3. Able adapt to frequent travels 4. Good driving skill 5. Good office software skills, especially PPT 6. Positive attitude and detail-oriented Highly Preferred: 1. Ability of verbal communication skills in Chinese 2. Experienced in overseas high education industry, especially in career service or employment engagement in University 3. Experienced in organizing large conference and career events 4. 2 years working experience Qualification: Bachelor Degree or above